Tinyfeet Childminding

Activities- All activities work towards the E.Y.F.S (early years foundation stage). These themes are a guide for activities. Most activities are spontaneous to adapt to children's interests and developments.

 Winter/ snow, weather wheel/ windmills, bird table, chinese new year.

 farm animals/trip to farm, Arfican animals, countries,  valentines, pancakes, planting seeds, the colour red.

Spring, the hungry caterpillar, butterfies, flowers, trees/bark rubbings, planting, mothers day.

 Easter, April showers/umbrellas,frogs/ frog spawn, butterfly garden, 3 little pigs, mini creatures, streamers/ribbons/flags-windy day, the colour green.

 Shopping/ fruit and veg, visit grocers, make veg soup, senses feely box, taste and smell, healthy food chart, planting seeds/ beans.

Water- sinking/floating, sounds/What can you hear?, tents/tunnels/boxes, under the sea, the colour blue.

 Sea side, water and sand activities, floating and sinking, transport, space,

 Summer/ what to wear, zoo animals, trip to the zoo if possible, the colour yellow.

 Shapes/numbers/sizes, boxes/tents, shaped biscuits, the 3 bears.

 Autumn/collect leaves, trees, leaf prints, halloween/marshmallow spiders, the colour orange.

Bonfire night, about me!, being healthy/food, teeth, what do i look like?

 Christmas theme, igloo, what to wear in winter, Christmas party, the colour white, polar animals.

 We provide messy trays to stimulate your childs senses and imagination, this includes pasta, paint, foam,dough, bubbles, sand, lentils, soil for planting, jelly etc.

  All activities will be adapted for any age and individual needs of each child which gives all ages and capabilities a chance to join in.