Tinyfeet Childminding

Help with childcare.

Childcare vouchers

 If either or both parents pay income tax and national insurance you will be able to save money on fees by making use of the childcare voucher scheme- The exact amount is dependent on tax levels and on whether one or two parents are able to make use of the voucher scheme. Ask your employers for advice.

Working Families Tax Credits

The working families tax credit provides extra help to those parents in lower paid work with dependent children. For any enquiries on these tax credits contact the Tax Credit helpline on  0845 300 39000845 300 3900


We do the free funding for families who recieve letters stating that they are elegible only. It is 15 hours free each week for 2yr olds. At the age of 3yrs children are automatically entitled to 15 hours free childcare each week. Some parents choose a school nursery for this but can also choose to stay with us until they start school. Funding for 2,3,and 4 year olds. You may be entitled to a further 15 hours each week. Please ask me for details. you can also phone 01977722345 for more information and to find out if you are entitled.