Tinyfeet Childminding


Meals are freshly cooked.

All meals are adapted for vegetarians/ religions. All meals are made with no added salt or sugar.

We have 3 week  set menus with allergens listed for each meal we provide.

There is water available to drink at dinner times and throughout the day. We provide juice but don't give it all the time.

We have snack times at 10am and 2pm consisting of fruit or veg sticks and milk/water to drink.

We prepare fresh home made baby food which consists of mainly veg and fruit  adapted for each stage of weaning adding lumps, meat and finger foods as they grow.

We don't provide baby milk. Baby milk brought by you will be stored correctly.

If you prefer your child to have packed lunches provided by you, these will be stored correctly also.                                                                                                                                                                                                           John and I both have food hygiene certificates, allergen certificates and John has 'Intermediate ceritficate in food safety', and 'The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health'. We always stick to a high standard for preparing/storing food, safety and hygiene. John is a great cook and will prepare home cooked food for your children.                                                 

 We are registered with the Environmental Health Department.