Tinyfeet Childminding


As a child I remember spending hours with my pots and pans making mud pies, with worms in of course! I also remember playing in the wood at the back of my house. We would play hide and seek and lie in the ferns so as not to be seen. We would play house in a clearing and have logs as furniture and we would see the occasional badger watching us.

We also built a tree house with a rope swing. We made a makeshift ladder and had to remember not to step on the fourth rung because we couldn't secure it properly.

I remember building tents with my sister in the back garden. It would be made up of sheets and blankets. We would peg one side onto the fence and the other side onto the washing line so we could stand upright! We would take our pillows and toys and set them up inside, we even ate or sandwiches there!

My sister and I would pretend our rug was a flying carpet, we would sit on it and go on adventures. We would pretend to fall off and not be able to get back on!

We would play shops and have empty packets and boxes set up. We would take it in turns to be the shop keeper and had a till that pinged when you opened it. We would also play libraries and I would spend forever making up little tickets to put inside the books. This wasn't my favourite game though, my sister would come into my room and choose four books and then she'd disappear for hours. I would keep asking her to come to the library but she was more interested in reading the books!


When I was a child, I was never in the house. I was always making dens or tree houses or fishing and camping with my brothers. I loved to play out in the rain, splashing in puddles. The best part of that was when we came in from the cold and wet, our mum would have a nice warm towel ready for us to get wrapped up in. We would sit by the fire to get warm and eat toasted crumpets.

Childhood is a wonderful experience full of memories. When experiencing the outdoors, pretending stretches the imagination! Kids that stay with us will be expected to play outside when it's fine and sometimes when it's raining!

There are two secure outside play areas with sand/ water play. The outside areas are covered with rubber shock absorbent matting. We will provide sheets, boxes, tubes and other materials to stretch their imaginations to the full. There will also be a home corner, shop and dressing up box. We have also got a play house with kitchen.

Our policy is that your child will always have fun. We know from our own experiences that play is the best thing your child can have to learn, grow and stretch their minds!!