Tinyfeet Childminding

Rates & Services

we are open from 6.00 am - 6pm            we charge £3.80 per hour


Our rates include 2 weeks holiday for you each year that you don't need to pay for. It doesn't apply if  childcare is for term time only or school holidays only. I need 4 weeks notice for holidays.

Any holidays that you have over the 2 weeks will be charged for. we don't work or charge for bank holidays. 

If your child is ill and you don't bring them, or if you just don't turn up with them you will still be charged. 

The price also includes all meals and outings. There will be a  charge for bigger trips with admission charges.

If you would like your child to come to us, we will require a deposit of £50. This deposit is for when your start date is more than 4 weeks away. This payment will be refunded to you when your child starts.